Preventative Tips for Driving in Snowstorms

What to do if you get Stuck in a Snowstorm

Preventative Tips for Driving in Snowstorms

It’s the winter months, which means that winter driving is upon us. With the holidays in full swing, the associated holiday road trips are inevitable and we need to be prepared to handle what lies out on the roads during this time of year. Take a look at our preventative tips for driving in snowstorms and find out what you can do if you get stuck in a snowstorm.

Most of the time, we experience harsh weather from the comfort of our homes while we’re curled up with hot cocoa and a nice holiday flick. However, sometimes we find ourselves driving in otherwise unfavorable conditions. So here are a few tips and pieces of advice if you have to wait out a snowstorm in your car.

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Know your Level of Danger

Always be sure to evaluate the driving conditions before deciding to take a risk. You should always weigh the importance of your trip and make sure to check winter weather advisories. Plus, keep a weather station on during your trip so you can be informed about upcoming conditions and predictions.

Be prepared if you do travel in snow. It is easy to get stuck, and not so easy to get un-stuck. Here are a few materials you should have with you in the winter time.

  1. Sand or cat litter for emergency traction.
  2. Wool blanket in case of getting stuck, this helps with freezing temperatures.
  3. Extra boots if you are wearing inappropriate foot gear, your feet could freeze.
  4. Extra gloves, hat, scarf in case of being stuck in freezing weather.
Car with Ice on its Sideview Mirror
Person Standing in the Snow

What to do if you Get Stuck in a Snowstorm

  • Don’t leave your car. If you are stuck, unable to move because of sight or road conditions, or are unsuccessful in getting your vehicle unstuck, stay where you are. A car is a good shelter. Unless you know for certain that there is a safe shelter nearby, best to just stay put.
  • Notify the authorities with your cell phone. If you have a phone, before your battery dies, pinpoint your location with your GPS and tell the authorities where you are and who is with you.
  • Make sure to include relevant information like how much gas you have and if you have water and food.
  • Make yourself visible. Use a piece of colorful cloth, honk out SOS in morse code, stomp out help in the snow, or find some other way to notify passerby and authorities that you are stuck and in need of help.
  • Clear your car’s exhaust pipe regularly. You are going to want to run your engine periodically, and if you let it clog, you could risk carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Use gas sparingly so that you make sure your battery doesn’t die and your fuel line doesn’t freeze. Be smart about how much fuel you have left.
  • Keep warm and put on the clothes and blankets that are in your vehicle. You can also block off unused space and try to insulate the windows with whatever materials you have in your car.

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Once the storm passes, make sure to listen to the radio and reevaluate the road conditions to make sure it’s safe to set out again. The biggest tip is to make sure to be smart and make sure it’s safe to drive. Come battle the winter weather at Queens Auto Mall, Inc.! We have a wide variety of SUVs and other AWD vehicles from which to choose. Check out our online inventory and then stop by for a test drive!