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Car Engine Death And What Leads To It

Your car engine is like your body’s heart – if it stops working, you’re in trouble. That’s why it’s vital to follow the signs of a dying car engine, so you can get it serviced before it’s too late.

Here at Queens Auto Mall, we’ve compiled a list of the most common symptoms of a dying car engine!

Sign 1: Starting Delays

Running late for errands? If your car takes more than its sweet time to start up, there may be something wrong with the engine. A number of different concerns could cause this symptom, so it’s best to get it checked out as soon as possible.

Don’t be tempted to let it slide; a car that’s struggling to start is only going to get worse over time.

Sign 2: Unfamiliar Noises

After driving in your car for some time, you get used to the sounds it makes. If you start hearing strange noises that you’ve never heard before, it could signify that something is wrong with the engine.

These unusual noises could be caused by anything from a loose belt to an issue with the pistons, so it’s essential to get them checked out as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem is not an option if you want your car to last for a long time.

Sign 3: Strange Odors

Along with strange sounds, a car starting to die will also begin emitting strange smells. The most common odors are burning oil and gasoline, and they can be a warning sign that the engine is in trouble.

If you smell either of these odors, it’s essential to pull over as soon as possible and call for help. Continuing to drive could result in some very unsavory situations, so take the smart road and ring up your mechanic instead.

Sign 4: Fluid Leaks

Another common sign of a dying engine is fluid leaks. These can include coolant, oil, and ATF (automatic transmission fluid).

If you notice any such fluids leaking below your car, it’s time to have your engine checked out by a trained mechanic. It may be something simple that requires nothing more than an adjustment or repair, or it may be a hint that your engine is on its last legs. In any case, it’s best to get it checked out sooner rather than later.

Sign 5: Passing Time

Your car engine can only last for so long. Eventually, even the most well-built machine will give out.

The best way to avoid an unexpected car engine death is to keep track of how long your car has been running. If it’s been more than 5 years since your last engine overhaul or replacement, then it might be time for a new one.


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What Signs Indicate Your Compressor Is About To Bail On You?

If you want your car’s AC to work as flawlessly as the day you first got your car, you might have to become more punctual with your maintenance schedules and become a regular at Queens Auto Mall to keep your car working like a charm. Queens is pretty cold this time of the year, so you might be scoffing at the thought of an AC checkup, but your heater & AC are intricately linked!

A problem with the compressor will surely translate to poor AC function come spring. If your car exhibits any of the signs below, your compressor needs serious help, and you need a cool summer!

The Car’s Cockpit Is Warm Instead of Cool

It’s good practice to run your AC for 10 minutes once a week, so you know the HVAC is entirely functional. However, if your AC is venting warm air, that could mean the compressor is compromised and unable to cool the air efficiently. It could also mean clogged cabin filters, but they don’t hinder cooling by such a margin.

Weird Rattling Noises Coming from The Engine Bay

Compressors contain a lot of bearings that work in unison to manage the compression of the refrigerant to a liquid for heat dissipation. The process is repeated in countless cycles, which can wear out the compressor and damage the bearings, resulting in a lot of noise when the compressor is engaged. If you hear a loud rattling a while after you turned on the AC, aside from the car’s revving engine, then it’s definitely your compressor suffering.

The Engine Is Flashing an Overheating Warning

Because of neglectful engine bay maintenance, electrical issues develop that can cut the power to the cooling unit, meaning the compressor has to work overtime to deal with the cooling imbalance. The overheating compressor affects the components nearby and can trigger a temperature warning that could damage the nearby electrical wiring. However, a temperature warning coupled with a loud compressor is spot-on trouble for your car’s HVAC.

You Don’t Sense the Compressor’s Clutch Kicking In

Take your car out for a nice spin, dress warm, and turn the AC on; you will feel the compressor clutch kick in, and then the cooling begins. With lacking maintenance, the clutch gets stuck on engage or remains inactive, resulting in overheating or no cooling. The clutch can be fixed along the drive belt, but it will be changed if the clutch is too worn out. It would do you good if you had the refrigerant pressure checked too!

If your compressor is causing trouble today, it could be your entire HVAC failing tomorrow, which makes for a much more costly repair. If you want to avoid such mechanical problems and keep your car in excellent condition, then Queens Auto Mall is the place to be. Serving Queens, NY, we deal in excellent-condition used cars and fully understand how important it is that every part work well.

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DIYing Your Car Engine Service – Sounds Like A Good Idea, But Is It?

There’s something about car engine servicing that seems to appeal to the DIY enthusiast in many of us. The idea of being able to save money by doing the job ourselves is an attractive one, and it’s easy to see why so many people are tempted to try it.

However, is car engine servicing worth doing yourself? Here are six reasons why you should think twice before attempting it.

1. Car Engine Servicing Is a Complex Job

It’s not as simple as changing the oil or replacing the air filter – many things go into a car engine service, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up causing more damage than good.

2. A Car Engine Service Involves Expensive Equipment

You may not have the specialist tools and equipment needed to carry out a car engine service properly, which could mean spending a lot of money on unnecessary items.

Professionals will have all the necessary tools and knowledge to carry out a car engine service correctly – so it’s worth investing in their services.

3. A Car Engine Service Involves a Lot of Specialist Knowledge

If you’re not familiar with the inner workings of a car engine, it’s best to leave the servicing to the professionals. They’ll know what needs to be done to keep your car running smoothly – and they’ll have the expertise required to do so safely.

4. The Process Is Time-Consuming

Servicing a car engine takes time – and if you’re not familiar with the process, it can be frustrating trying to work out what you need to do. You could easily spend hours attempting to do something that a professional would do in minutes.

5. You Could Void Your Car’s Warranty

If you service your car engine using DIY techniques, you could easily void the car’s warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong with the engine after you’ve serviced it yourself, you won’t be able to get it fixed under warranty.

6. It Could Invalidate Your Car Insurance

If you service your car engine using DIY techniques and something goes wrong, it’s possible that your car insurance policy may not be valid. This is because if you’re not qualified to service the engine, any damage that occurs due to this service may not be covered by your insurance.

To Wrap Up

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Online Car Purchasing – Amazing Benefits You Should Know About!

The internet has changed how customers purchase vehicles. It’s because buying a car online has many benefits over physically going to a dealership. For one thing, you don’t have to deal with some of those pushy salespeople who try to get you to buy something that isn’t right for you. You also save time by shopping from home or work and finding exactly what you want without having to drive around town looking at every single lot. Finally, it’s easy and convenient!

Save Time by Purchasing a Car Online

One amazing benefit is the amount of time you save. When you buy a car from a dealership, you have to go through all haggling and negotiating. You also have to test drive multiple vehicles and visit different dealerships. With an online purchase, you can skip all that! You can research a variety of cars and find the best deal without ever leaving your home.

Check Out a Huge Variety of Cars

When you purchase a car online, you have access to a much wider variety of vehicles than you would at a physical dealership. Car dealerships are limited by the amount of space on their lot. On the other hand, online dealers can offer cars from all over the country. This means that you can find the perfect vehicle for your needs, no matter what they are.

Compare Prices Online

Another great benefit of purchasing a car online is being able to compare prices easily. This is because most online dealers have websites where you can view the specs and pricing information for all of their vehicles. You can also read reviews from other customers to get an idea of what the car is like to drive and how reliable it is.

Compare this to visiting a few dealerships in your area. It can be time-consuming and frustrating to try and compare prices when you’re dealing with salespeople who are trying to get you to buy the car right away.

Choose One with Ease

Another benefit of online car buying is that you can choose the perfect car for you with ease. You can search by make, model, year, and even color. You can also filter your results to only display cars within your budget.

This is much harder to do when you’re visiting dealerships in person. You might see a car you like, but it’s beyond your price range. You also might not find the exact model and color that you want.

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

When you buy a car online, you can often enjoy exclusive benefits that you wouldn’t get if you purchased the vehicle in person. For example, some dealerships offer free delivery within a certain radius. Others provide free oil changes for the life of the car. You also might be able to take advantage of special financing offers only available to online buyers.

At Queens Auto Mall, serving Queens, NY, we make it extremely easy and convenient for you to buy a used car online. Browse through our inventory and check out the wide variety of vehicles and unique features. We showcase high-quality used cars for sale to ensure our customers get a great deal.

Car Servicing Process – A Checklist Of Steps To Keep Your Car Healthy

When you enter a dealership service center, the first thing you notice is the state-of-the-art equipment. The technicians are trained to use these tools, and they know how to diagnose any problem with your vehicle, from oil changes to transmission replacements. This article will share the importance of the car servicing process at a dealer service center.

Engine Oil & Filter Replacement

Engine oil & filter replacement is one of the most important servicing processes. The engine oil helps to lubricate the engine’s moving parts, while the filter helps to keep out contaminants. Both should be replaced as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Replacing the engine oil and filter at regular intervals helps maintain your vehicle’s performance and extend its life. It enhances fuel economy and reduces emissions. In addition, many automakers now require new engine oil and filters for warranty coverage.

Fuel Filter Replacement

The fuel filter separates contaminants from the gasoline on its way into the engine. Replacing it at regular intervals ensures that your vehicle continues to run smoothly and efficiently. Many automakers recommend replacing the fuel filter every 20,000 to 30,000 miles.

Wiper Blade Replacement

Poor visibility on a rainy day can be dangerous, especially when you’re driving fast down a highway or country road. This is why wiper blade replacement is so important. You should have your wiper blades replaced at least once a year.

Check the Battery

The battery is the heart of your car’s electrical system, so it needs to be strong and healthy. A test drive can help determine whether or not you need a new one. Other factors that might necessitate replacement are:

  • Low fluid levels
  • Corrosion under the caps
  • Bulging cases
  • Cracks in covers or terminals
  • Loss of power when cranking
  • A swollen battery

If you’re unsure whether your battery is good, have it tested at a service center. A weak battery can be dangerous and might leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Replace Spark Plugs

Dirty or misfiring spark plugs can decrease your fuel economy and performance. This is why you need to replace the spark plugs every 20,000-30,000 miles. Be sure to use the correct type of spark plugs for your vehicle.

Replace Air Filter

A clogged air filter will decrease your vehicle’s performance and cause damage to your engine. Replace your air filter every 12,000-15,000 miles.

Inspect the Brakes

It’s important to identify possible brake problems early and seek help from a technician. Some signs of brake damage include:

  • Loss in braking power
  • A high squealing noise when applying the brakes
  • Grinding noises while stopping
  • The car pulls to one side even if your steering wheel is centered

Brakes are a critical safety component of your car, so have them inspected and repaired if there is any damage.

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Things To Know: Automotive Industry Trends 2022!

The automotive market is changing rapidly, thanks in part to several disruptive automotive trends. The way automobiles are designed in conjunction with digital technology, tailored to trims, powered, and emitting pollutants all play an important role in what you can anticipate from a car of the immediate future. This information is critical if you want to know whether or not to purchase a new vehicle in the coming year.

Let’s give an ear to what Queens Auto Mall has to say on auto trends based on expert opinions!

IOT Cars

The Internet of Things connects all your mobile devices with your car, which links to a dedicated cloud. Such vehicles are made for comfort & opulent convenience via on-demand features, meaning the car drives while you do your web surfing. A flock of such cars will be able to ‘communicate’ and coordinate safe driving in the near future, though Tesla is one name that makes it to mainstream applications of the said tech.

Digital & Automotive Tech

It’s no surprise that when you combine so many electronic devices and innovations into cars, you can see a clear connection between the automobile industries and technology giants to automate driving experiences. We’ll be able to anticipate it to enter into regular, feasible, and affordable automobiles later this year.

Innovative Online Marketing

Car dealerships have got it easy with 3rd-party e-commerce platforms to market cars. But now, with social media in tow, 2022 will see robust virtual showrooms in the US where you can not only book a test drive online or schedule video inspections, but the auto-ecosystem will engage customers to levels never imagined before. Online media marketing for automotive has never been as captivating as it will be!

Electric Vehicles with A Twist

Fiat, Audi, Volvo, VW, Tesla, etc., are all big names in electric car tech. For quite some time, battery weight & mileage were an issue, but now not only has the battery architecture been revolutionized, but it charges faster with more power and lasts 5-times longer than their previous electric makes. All the while, they are exuding water vapor in the exhaust.

Autonomous Vehicles

Tesla is one such brand that comes to mind when discussing autonomous vehicles. Studies have shown that self-driving cars are much safer on the roads with minimum downtime and no driver fatigue. With the prospects of improved fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, you can expect to see autonomous fleets on the roads by the end of the year!

The Efficient Convoy

If you’ve seen migratory birds flying in that V-formation, they do so because the formation reduces drag, reserves their energy for long distances, and hence, is efficient. Truck platooning is biomimicry based on the bird-formation mentioned earlier, in which trucks form a convoy at high speeds. Doing so drastically reduces air resistance, increasing fuel efficiency exponentially. There are potential applications in crewless freight transportation as autonomous trucks become more common (which is to be expected this year!).

Keeping track of automotive modification & disruptive tech in the automotive industry is critical for getting the most out of your vehicle investment in 2022.

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5 Important Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

Car shopping can be an exciting and fun time. You get to check out new models, colors, features, and even test drive the vehicle of your dreams. However, there are certain things to examine before buying a used car that could save you from costly repairs down the line.

This blog post will cover important steps to take when purchasing a used car so that you don’t regret it later on.

1) Take a Look at Vehicle’s History Report

The first thing to do before buying a used car is to look into its history report. This can be done by checking the vehicle’s VIN number online or visiting an authorized dealer if you are purchasing it from one. Ensure that all information listed in the report matches what is mentioned on the bill of sale and other documents provided during the sale. If you see any discrepancies, it is best to walk away from the deal.

2) Inspect the Interior and the Exterior of the Vehicle Thoroughly

When inspecting a used car, it is best to do so in daylight so you can clearly examine the vehicle. You can also take someone along for assistance and ask them to look at certain things while you concentrate on others.

Begin by checking if there are any scratches or dents present anywhere on the vehicle’s body, and then move your attention towards the interior. Look for any signs of wear and tear on the seats, the dashboard, and other areas inside the car. If you are not happy with what you see, it is best to walk away from the deal.

3) Check Under the Hood

The next thing you need to look for is any rust or corrosion under the hood. Open up the bonnet and inspect it properly. Check for leaks under the hood as well: oil leakage or water leakages can be very harmful to a car and should not be ignored at all costs. Also, check if there are any broken or cracked hoses and belts.

4) Ask a Mechanic to Inspect the Vehicle

If you are unsure about anything you have seen or checked so far, it is always good to take the car to a mechanic and get it inspected. A knowledgeable mechanic will be able to identify any major problems with the vehicle, and this can help you decide whether or not to buy the car.

5) Take it for a Test Drive

When purchasing a pre-owned car, always take it for a test drive. A good way to check if everything works properly is by testing all of the features and systems in the car, such as turning on the air conditioning or heater and checking that they work well.

When taking your potential used car out for a test drive, it is important to check that the car doesn’t have any problems shifting gears. Even if you are driving on flat land, there could be issues with how well the transmission works, making driving more difficult in certain conditions.

Finally, before purchasing a used car make sure you go to a reputable dealership such as Queens Auto Mall, serving Queens, NY. With a huge variety of used cars for sale, we have something for everyone. Check out our inventory of used vehicles online and see what best fits your needs. Stop by to test drive your preferred car today!

3 Used Car Buying Myths Busted For Your Entertainment!

Used cars only get the hate due to poorly researched purchases & pre-conceived notions that follow. Yes, some cars might be problematic, but no legitimate dealership lets a car be sold without providing all history details to the buyer.

However, people still stick to used car myths to justify their investment in a new car despite a meager budget. Among the ridiculous myths out there, we picked the top three that factor in money matters, engine, and their ensuing confusion on mileage.

Myth #1: Used Cars Need Repairs All the Time

Many people are not car-savvy, but on the lookout for one, scoff at the suggestion of buying a used car. They assume it’s a lousy investment, and because the car is used, it’s bound to have issues and will keep breaking down.

Now that’s not entirely true. When a car is traded in from a first-time owner, not only does it go through a complete system check, but the owner’s driving & maintenance history is also recorded for Carfax. All faulty parts or damages are replaced & patched. As long as the next buyer operates the car with due care and maintains a regular checkup schedule, the investment is secured!

Myth #2: Low Mileage Used Cars Will Last Longer

This is a ridiculous presumption about used cars for a car-savvy person because it cuts across many other factors. Some conditions define when a low mileage car is not worth the investment but always be wary if you encounter such a used car.

If the used car is around a year old since it was first purchased with a mileage of 20,000 to 40,000 miles, then it might seem like low mileage, but relatively, it’s an excellent value for a year-old vehicle. That’s the only condition where a low mileage car will last long, but if you are buying a pre-2011 model with a couple of thousand miles, then there is a possible issue with the car that has kept it low running.

Myth #3: What If It’s a ‘Defective’ In Disguise?

Suppose you have visited a questionable car dealership and made a deal on an equally dubious used car, then it’s on you. Such vehicles are called lemons, and the manufacturer usually recalls them because their defects compromise safety features.

The key to unlocking this myth is researching the car makes and models at legitimate car dealerships that provide a comprehensive history of the car model. If you propose to use an OBD tool, the dealership won’t shy away from letting you verify your car’s usage history!

At Queens Auto Mall, serving Queens, NY, we offer an extensive & delectable range of used cars that have passed through our maintenance checkups with flying colors. Plus, you are just in time for the year-end clearance sale with myth-free used car features!

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5 Advantages Of Buying A Used Car No One Talks About

New or used? Used or new? Some people opt for new because they cannot compromise on their car – little do they know of the hidden repercussions of doing so. Some people opt for used only because it saves them money; clearly, they are unaware of so much more.

Used cars offer you more than just money saved. We at Queens Auto Mall, serving Queens, NY, recommend a used car because of the following reasons no one talks about.

In Terms of Value – Used Cars Rule!

When buying a used car, you are foregoing all other high costs like high depreciation and insurance. As we all know, depreciation is high when the car is new; it goes down over time. Insurance is always high on riskier items due to potential theft or accidents – new cars.

You don’t need to pay all these high costs on top of the price of the car itself.

Au Revoir, Paperwork

Paperwork is associated with pretty much every purchase you make. With cars, though, there are a few detailed forms you need to fill. Not a fan of paperwork? You will not get to do much when buying a used car. Most of the paperwork for the used car you are about to buy has been filled already. You might have to fill some secondary forms, but your dealer will take care of those, too.

You Can Negotiate More Confidently

You can negotiate the price of the car down because the car is used. If it’s a new car, there is not much room. No matter how great the shape, used vehicles are still used. You can put your numbers on the table and take them up with the dealer. However, sometimes, some cars have barely been used before being sold back to the dealer. You can tell that, too.

We would recommend being reasonable with the price on these.

Performance-Wise, Used Cars Do So Much Better

A car needs to spend some time out on the road before achieving that high speed we all want. A new vehicle would be starting from scratch before it can be that fast and perform well. Whereas a used car has already been down so many roads – it is speedier than when it was new and performs better.

You Can Get a Sales Tax Exemption on A Used Car

Do you live in a state where there’s no sales tax on resale? If so, you won’t have to pay sales tax on your pre-owned car. You need to think about this if you want to save money on a purchase.

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