Advantages of Buying a Pre-owned Nissan Vehicle at Queens Auto Mall

Are you in the market for buying a used Nissan vehicle? Well, if you are, then you’ve landed at the right place. We here at Queens Auto Mall give you the best opportunities to buy a pre-owned car whether you want a reliable SUV or a luxury affordable sedan. Queens Auto Mall has been in the used cars business for over 30 years in New York.
We have many pre-owned Nissan vehicles in top condition looking for their new owners. Name a Nissan model, be it the Nissan Altima or Nissan Maxima or any other, we will provide you the best deal in securing your new Nissan car. Ensuring quality and assuring peace of mind to our customers are major points that we strive for of at our business. We here at Queens Auto Mall understand our customers concerns when buying a used car.
Our professional team helps you to lower your stress about the functionality, reliability, and cost of a used car. We take all these concerns of our customers as a positive because this helps in identifying the right vehicle for them. We have built our reputation in where we appreciate communication with our customers to eradicate any misconceptions about pre- owned cars. Let’s have a look at the benefits of owning a used or pre-owned vehicle:

1. Less Cost

Used Cars are generally 30-50% cheaper than the new ones. Buying a pre-owned Nissan sedan means you get to enjoy the same features and perks that come with a new car but at a much cheaper price. If you’re looking to buy a 2022 Nissan Rogue but your budget doesn’t allow it, don’t get discouraged. We have a range of used Nissan Rogue’s from 2019 through 2021.

2. Less Depreciation

Buying a used Nissan Pathfinder means a better investment because its depreciation rate will be a lot slower than a new one. It is a universal fact that new cars depreciate at a fast pace which is a big turn-off for lots of people. Many people know this and their search to get a best deal on a pre- owned Nissan Pathfinder takes them on a path which leads them to us here at Queens Auto Mall. Considering that new cars can depreciate as much as 40% after one year of ownership and comparing it with the modern fact that new car technology and advanced engineering has made the cars more dependable as ever. So, buying a pre-owned Nissan car will save you a lot of money without breaking your own budget.

3. Lower Insurance Rates

Another fantastic fact is that car insurance on a pre-owned vehicle, whether it be a Nissan Sentra or Nissan Versa will also cost you less. So, this is also a fantastic opportunity to save you money on buying a used car.

4. No Hidden Fees

You don’t have to pay any under-cover or hidden fees while buying a pre-owned Nissan from us. Unfortunately, while buying a new car you need to pay extra fees like delivery fees in addition to the sticker price of the car. Fortunately, if you are buying a pre-owned car, you’re exempted from all of these hidden charges.

So why wait, come to Queens Auto Mall and let’s help you get into your desired Nissan. You will be glad you came to us and so will we.