bmw models with all-wheel drive

BMW Models With All-Wheel Drive

Few luxury cars are more sought-after than BMW models with all-wheel drive. No matter which BMW vehicle strikes your fancy, these cars are incredibly rewarding to drive. BMW’s xDrive technology adapts to road conditions within fractions of a second. The system improves traction and handling without compromising the car’s raw and engaging response. Here at Queens Auto Mall, we have a huge variety of BMW models with all-wheel drive available. However, it always helps to know exactly which one you’re looking for.

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bmw x3 vs x5

BMW X3 vs X5: Which Is Best For You?

Welcome back to the Queens Auto Mall blog! We’re back with another compare/contrast between a few of the most popular used luxury vehicles we have in stock. Last time, we looked at the differences between two classic BMW sport sedans. This time, let’s turn our attention toward a different kind of vehicle – the ever-more-popular luxury SUV. The BMW X5 was the original Sports Activity Vehicle, offering drivers an effortless blend of capability, luxury, and style. Now, the BMW X lineup offers many more variations on that theme, including the more compact X3 style. What’s the difference between the BMW X3 vs X5, and which one might be the best fit for your lifestyle? Read on to find out!

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bmw 5 series vs 6 series

BMW 5 Series vs 6 Series: What’s The Difference?

Welcome to the Queens Auto Mall blog! Conveniently located in Richmond Hill, we are New York’s #1 rated public auto auction. Here at Queens Auto Mall, you’ll find all sorts of vehicles up for auction – every day is a surprise. But we specialize in pre-owned luxury cars, especially Mercedes and BMWs. If you’re looking for a deal on a powerful, elegant and sophisticated ride, we’re the place to be!

So, what kind of posts can you expect to read on our blog? We hope to help our customers – and anyone who’s interested in cars – learn a little more about some of the most popular luxury models we sell. We’ll talk about buying a car at auction, share some tips on taking care of your new ride, and keep you up to date on any special events and promotions we might be offering.

But for now, let’s stick to the basics. In our inaugural post, we’re going to compare and contrast two of the luxury models you’ll be most likely to find at our auction house: the BMW 5 Series vs 6 Series. What’s the difference between these two legendary BMW line-ups, and which one is right for you?

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