Spring weather driving

Stay safe driving through severe weather with these tips!

Safety while driving through severe weather

Spring is here, and while that means warmer days on the horizon, it is also a season that can be full of severe weather with the changing of the seasons. Follow these tips to help you stay safe on the roads during inclement weather!

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Tips to stay safe driving through severe weather

  • Be prepared: Check the weather before you hit the road to make sure it will be clear traveling. If there is a large storm predicted in your travel path, consider postponing your trip until the severe weather threat passes.
  • Let someone know your destination and route, as well as your estimated arrival time. If severe weather impedes you, it will be easier for help to reach you if someone else knows your travel path.
  • Carry an Emergency Car Kit in your trunk. Make sure to include non-perishable food items and water in your vehicle before you hit the road in case you are stuck in your car for some time.
  • Prep your vehicle by ensuring you have a full tank of gas, and lights and windshield wipers in good working condition. Make sure your cell phone is charged in case you need to use it in an emergency, and keep your full attention on the road while you are driving.
  • Thunderstorm Tips: If you drive into a storm, make sure to turn on your headlights and try to exit the roadway and park somewhere safe with your hazards on until the storm passes. If there is lightning, avoid touching any surfaces in and around your vehicle that could conduct electricity.
  • Tornado Tips: If a tornado is likely in your area and you cannot find shelter in a building, pull over and park, you have a couple of last resort options to stay as safe as possible:
    • Stay in your seat with your seatbelt on and put your head below the windows with your hands above your head.
    • If you can safely get lower than the roadway, exit your vehicle and lie in the lowest area possible, covering your head with your hands.

safety while driving in spring

Here at Queens Auto Mall we value your safety, and following these tips will help you stay safe on the roadway if you run into severe weather. Planning ahead is always the best course of action, so check the weather before any trip and try to plan around inclement weather!