How to Build a Winter Survival Kit for your Vehicle

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter Weather Driving

How to Build a Winter Survival Kit for your Vehicle

Winter time is upon us, and with the holidays in full swing, many of us are doing some holiday road trips in the winter driving conditions. Our number one rule for staying safe on the roads this time of year is to be prepared. You should definitely have a couple of key items in your car, lest you should run into trouble driving in the snow. We’ll show you how to build a winter survival kit for your vehicle so you can feel prepared when you head out on the roads this season.

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What Should you Have in your car During Winter?

Here is a run-down of some of the essentials that you should have with you in your car this winter if you’re planning on traveling out of town. In the event of a sticky situation, these items can help you and your passengers stay safe and comfortable. Here’s what you need:

A shovelRoad Covered in Snow
Windshield scraper and small broom
Flashlight with extra batteries
Battery powered radio
Snack food including energy bars
Raisins and mini candy bars
Matches and small candles
Extra hats, socks and mittens
First aid kit with pocket knife
Necessary medications
Blankets or sleeping bag
Tow chain or rope
Road salt, sand, or cat litter for traction
Booster cables
Emergency flares and reflectors
Fluorescent distress flag and whistle to attract attention
Cell phone adapter to plug into lighter

Winter Essentials Tips and Tricks

Once you have put your items together, you now need to store them in your vehicle. Most people would think to put them in the trunk, however, if you don’t have access to your trunk from the interior of your vehicle, then we suggest putting them elsewhere in the cabin of your car. The reason being that if you’re in extreme weather conditions, it is a possibility that your trunk may be frozen shut, making your kit inaccessible to you when you need it most. Bottom line is, wherever you store this gear, it needs to be accessible to you otherwise its no help. When selecting foods for your kit, try to choose foods that can be eaten hot or cold, and try to select ones in small packages for convenience.

Car with Snow on its Windows
Person Walking in the Snow Down a Winter Road

Helpful Rules for Winter Driving

Some other great tips for winter driving are to always keep your vehicle prepared for the weather. Keep your gas tank at least half full, your tires properly inflated, and all of your vehicle’s vital fluids at an optimum level. Also, let someone know where you are traveling to before you start out on your journey. Make sure they know the route and the destination in the event that you would need help. In the event of getting stuck in a storm, stay in your vehicle unless you see a building very close by that you know is safe. Your car is a good shelter. If you get stuck and are staying in your car, make sure to unclog the exhaust pipe frequently, lest you get carbon monoxide poisoning from running your car with a blocked exhaust system.

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