Top Reasons to Buy a Used Cadillac Escalade

What Kind of Benefits Does a Pre-Owned Cadillac Escalade Have?

Top Reasons to Buy a Used Cadillac Escalade

When shopping for your next vehicle, the Cadillac Escalade is a great choice. This SUV is roomy, sophisticated, has enough room for all of the family, and is a beautifully crafted vehicle. But, when considering your next car-shopping experience, you want to consider buying pre-owned. You can get all the benefits of the Cadillac Escalade, but without having to spend the new price tag amount. Come on by Queens Auto Mall, Inc. and look at our pre-owned luxury vehicle inventory. We’ll show you the top reasons to buy a used Cadillac Escalade.

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Increased Options for Pre-Owned Cadillac Escalades

The Escalade is a high performance vehicle that has been built with prime materials and high-tech equipment. Depending on the year and trim level of the Escalade that you choose, you could have a variety of amenities in the interior of your vehicle. Plus, with the Escalade, you can handle any task that life throws at you. Whether you are using your vehicle for towing, a camping trip, running to the grocery store, transporting your family, or having a night out with your friends, the Escalade is the versatile vehicle for all of your needs, and the benefits of buying pre-owned means you have increased options when it comes to the features with which your Escalade is equipped.

Interior of Pre-Owned Cadillac Escalade in White
Interior View of Used Cadillac Escalade in Black Leather and Brown Wood

Pay Less When Buying a Used Cadillac Escalade

Of course, we’re going to harp on price. We know that you understand that when buying used you pay less. But, did you know that this trend extends even when you drive off our lot? You’ll pay less on the insurance too! Even when you leave our dealership, you’ll feel the benefits of your purchase, especially in the depreciation curve. Because you decided to be smart and buy pre-owned, your vehicle won’t take that depreciation dip that it originally did when driving off of the original dealership lot when it was brand new.

Pre-Owned Luxury SUVs Queens NY

Pre-Owned Luxury SUVs Queens NY

Owning a luxury SUV is easier than you think. In fact, at Queens Auto Mall, we make pre-owned luxury SUV sales around Queens, NY our specialty. We are the greater New York City’s premier destination for pre-owned and used luxury car and SUV sales. We house a variety of well-known brands, from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, to Audi and Cadillac.

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Features and Specs of Pre-Owned Cadillac Escalades

With the Escalade, you could enjoy a wide range of features. These could include all-wheel drive, active safety features, passive safety features, advanced audio systems, connectivity technology, navigation technology, prime materials on the interior, and more!

If you want to see what your next vehicle could look like, check out our inventory of pre-owned Cadillac Escalades and see the top reasons to buy a used Cadillac Escalade in person! Contact us at Queens Auto Mall, Inc. to find out more! Check out all of our great used vehicles in our inventory and stop by to take one for a test drive!