3 Used Car Buying Myths Busted For Your Entertainment!

Used cars only get the hate due to poorly researched purchases & pre-conceived notions that follow. Yes, some cars might be problematic, but no legitimate dealership lets a car be sold without providing all history details to the buyer.

However, people still stick to used car myths to justify their investment in a new car despite a meager budget. Among the ridiculous myths out there, we picked the top three that factor in money matters, engine, and their ensuing confusion on mileage.

Myth #1: Used Cars Need Repairs All the Time

Many people are not car-savvy, but on the lookout for one, scoff at the suggestion of buying a used car. They assume it’s a lousy investment, and because the car is used, it’s bound to have issues and will keep breaking down.

Now that’s not entirely true. When a car is traded in from a first-time owner, not only does it go through a complete system check, but the owner’s driving & maintenance history is also recorded for Carfax. All faulty parts or damages are replaced & patched. As long as the next buyer operates the car with due care and maintains a regular checkup schedule, the investment is secured!

Myth #2: Low Mileage Used Cars Will Last Longer

This is a ridiculous presumption about used cars for a car-savvy person because it cuts across many other factors. Some conditions define when a low mileage car is not worth the investment but always be wary if you encounter such a used car.

If the used car is around a year old since it was first purchased with a mileage of 20,000 to 40,000 miles, then it might seem like low mileage, but relatively, it’s an excellent value for a year-old vehicle. That’s the only condition where a low mileage car will last long, but if you are buying a pre-2011 model with a couple of thousand miles, then there is a possible issue with the car that has kept it low running.

Myth #3: What If It’s a ‘Defective’ In Disguise?

Suppose you have visited a questionable car dealership and made a deal on an equally dubious used car, then it’s on you. Such vehicles are called lemons, and the manufacturer usually recalls them because their defects compromise safety features.

The key to unlocking this myth is researching the car makes and models at legitimate car dealerships that provide a comprehensive history of the car model. If you propose to use an OBD tool, the dealership won’t shy away from letting you verify your car’s usage history!

At Queens Auto Mall, serving Queens, NY, we offer an extensive & delectable range of used cars that have passed through our maintenance checkups with flying colors. Plus, you are just in time for the year-end clearance sale with myth-free used car features!

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