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Used Acura MDX Models for Sale Queens NY

Used Acura MDX Models for Sale Queens NY

The Acura MDX has been a best-selling three-row luxury SUV for quite some time. Perhaps because of its utility or its superior luxury feel, or maybe it's because the Acura MDX is the perfect balance of both. The MDX in this vehicle’s namesake stands for “Multi-Dimensional luxury” and that’s exactly what you get with the Acura MDX. As the first crossover SUV to have third-row seating, the Acura MDX has been ahead of the game since its production.

The first, second, and third generations of the Acura MDX all hold impressive engines, storage capacity, and technology under their hoods and in their interiors. Not to mention, you’ll find expressive styling in each generation: cutting edge utilitarian in the first generation, a little more aggressive in the second generation, and a little bit of luxury sleek in the third generation of the Acura MDX. Whichever year or model of the Acura MDX you choose, you’re likely to find a great deal on any of these used Acura MDX models for sale in Queens, NY.


From the first generation Acura MDX (2000 to 2006), the second generation Acura MDX (2007 to 2013), to the third generation Acura MDX (2014 to present). The first comes equipped with a 3.5-liter SOHC 24 valve V6 with VTEC. In each successive year, you’ll find slight changes in horsepower, but the Acura MDX’s value and performance stays constant. For the second generation Acura MDX, they feature a 3.7-liter V6 capable of performing at 300 horsepower. In more recent Acura MDX models, you’ll find a 3.5-liter direct injected Earth Dreams V6 with Variable Cylinder Management. These models come with improved fuel economy coupled with the same performance that has come to be synonymous with the Acura MDX name.


Safety Features

In the Acura MDX, safety is a given. What you get in luxury, you won’t sacrifice in good sense. The Acura MDX is an all-wheel drive vehicle, with available front wheel drive in the most current years of the MDX. The Acura namesake has been a leader in safety since its beginnings, and the Acura MDX is no exception. In models from 2007 to the present, the Acura MDX has an Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure designed to absorb energy from a collision. This combined with top of the line safety features, multiple airbags, and the superior handling of every Acura MDX will make you feel safe on the road.



As a luxury brand, Acura always produces its vehicles with stellar tech. Depending on the trim level and year of your chosen Acura MDX, you could be looking at some superior features. Navigation systems, DVD entertainment systems, audio packages that feature surround sound, rear view cameras, LED headlamps, and other impressive technology perks are just some of the options that await you in your Acura MDX. The technology you’ll find is highly dependant on the year, trim level, and components that you’re looking for. But with the Acura MDX’s reputation in advanced technology packages, you’ll definitely be impressed with whichever year and model you choose.


Interior of Acura MDX
Burgundy Acura MDX Exterior View
Silver exterior view Acura MDX SUV
White Side View Exterior Acura MDX SUV

Pre-Owned Acura Models Queens, NY

The Acura MDX is a triumph of style, performance, and elegance. Throughout its years, this mid-size three row crossover has been a constant reminder of what luxury and utility look like when perfectly blended. The MDX exceeds expectations in its capabilities. It’s powerful handling and all-wheel-drive give it longevity and control in a myriad of conditions.

The MDX’s three rows of seats let you transport more passengers without sacrificing on a luxurious look. This is the ultimate crossover bringing you stylish exteriors, sleek interiors, world-class design, and forward reaching technology, combined with dependable safety features.

Step into a pre-owned Acura MDX in Queens, NY. Our pre-owned inventory is constantly changing and updating its options. Let us know if you’re looking for something specific. You’re likely to find the very best deals right here, at Queens Auto Mall Inc. Stop by our lot, or give us a call at (718) 523-9090 to schedule a test drive today! Not sure exactly which of the used Acura MDX models for sale in Queens, NY interests you? Check out our online inventory where we provide specific information on every vehicle.

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