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Pre-Owned Cadillac Escalade Queens NY

When looking for your next SUV, the pre-owned Cadillac Escalade in Queens, NY is a great choice. Here at Queens Auto Mall, Inc., we have a vast selection of pre-owned vehicles from which to choose. Not only does buying used let you cut down on the price of your vehicle, but it also allows you greater options when looking for the features and performance you want from your next vehicle. In addition, you often end up paying less for insurance and can get a whole history report about the vehicle you choose so you can be well-informed.

Used Cadillac Escalades are masterfully crafted, reliable, and performance driven vehicles. They’re a great option for your next family vehicle as they are safe and built to handle any task. Their interior capacity for cargo and seating is impressive. Plus, Cadillacs are always forward thinking in their technology. Find a wide range of options for trim levels and technology packages in our inventory. Buying a used luxury means getting all of the benefits of a great vehicle, but at a more affordable price than you would expect.

Interior Specifications

This will highly depend upon the year and trim level of the specific vehicle in question, but all Cadillac Escalades are equipped with advanced technology to keep you connected and comfortable on the road.



Depending on the year and trim, you can usually choose between a 6.0L V8 or a 6.2L V8. Either way, the pre-owned Cadillac Escalade was built for agility and power. Whichever combination you choose will deliver smooth performance.


Exterior Design

The distinctive look of a Cadillac Escalade draws attention to itself. Built to be tough and stylish, the cutting lines in the exterior body are sure to impress. Depending on the year of the Escalade that you choose, you could see slight variations.

Get Used Cadillac Escalades in Queens, NY!

The Escalade is a high performance vehicle that has been built with superior materials and equipment. Depending on the year and trim level of the Escalade that you choose, you could have a variety of amenities in the interior of your vehicle. Plus, with the Escalade, you can handle any task that life requires. Whether you are using your vehicle for towing, camping, running to the grocery store, moving, transporting your family, or having a night out with your friends, the Escalade is the versatile vehicle for all of your needs, and the benefits of buying pre-owned means you have more options when it comes to the features you choose.

At Queens Auto Mall, Inc., we make it easy to shop for the pre-owned luxury vehicle you want. Our extensive inventory allows you to have increased options and our easy online shopping tool lets you search through our hundreds of vehicles to find the one that suits you. We specialize in pre-owned luxury vehicles, like the Escalade. Our friendly and highly trained sales personnel are ready to help you find the vehicle you want at the price you want.

Alongside our great staff and extensive options, getting a pre-owned Cadillac Escalade in Queens, NY at Queens Auto Mall, Inc., is made even easier with our online tools. You can find your match, look at financing options, value your trade-in vehicle, and view tons of testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Want to find out more about pre-owned Cadillac Escalades in Queens, NY? Stop by Queens Auto Mall, Inc. today and come see what we have in store! We’re happy to answer any and all questions. Callus at (718) 523-9090, check us out online, or stop by in person!

Exterior View of Pre-Owned Cadillac Escalade
View of Passenger Seats in Used Cadillac Escalade
View of Technology in the Cadillac Escalade
Cadillac Escalade Exterior View in Black

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